Many of our dogs go on to train for specialized tasks.
Kicker is our girl  Zoe's brother (Ch Dewmist Davenport x
Ch Cameo Whispering Wind)

Kicker earned his Delta Society status in 2003 and has
been working as a therapy dog with his owner, Joanne
Fusco, in Memphis, TN, visiting nursing homes and loving
kids at St. Jude's Hospital.

And his recent trip to the library below.
Theo is from Runnymede's "Indeed"
and my retired female "
Whisper" (Ch
Runnymede Indeed x Ch Cameo
Whispering Wind)

Theo earned his Delta Society status
early in 2004 and is bringing joy to all
those he comes in contact with.
Pictured here with his owner Barbara
Howard, Kentucky.
Tanglewood Goldens in the "real world"
Bob and Molly's photo was
included in the March 2008 issue
Outdoor Life magazine. Bob was
the 2007 Outdoor Life
Conservation Award winner. Molly
is from our Jackie/Bond litter and is
Bob's constant companion.
See Kicker featured on Angels on a Leash
from the 2008 Westminster Dog Show... (click
link below)
Kicker - Angels On A Leash Video
Maybelle is from our
Encore/Gulliver litter. Maybelle, with
her owners Sue and Tom, recently
passed her Delta Society
Bria / Swen Male – “Deochi” certified in SAR
In the Search and Rescue world there is
what’s known as the “Operational Test”.  It’s
the final test a dog and handler go through
before becoming operational and have the
ability to be deployed for search calls. The
test is grueling, to say the least.  The dog and
handler are given two hours to complete the
test. The test and timer starts when the dog
is given the scent article. Very few dogs
complete the test on the first try. But at USC
Upstate Campus, Deo (Deochi) and myself
went through some of the most awful territory
you can imagine.  Deo, as usual, went to
ground and pulled me behind. We traveled
through briars, rocks, streams, back wood
paths and over construction sites. Deo never
stopped working. At one hour and fifty one
minutes--there was the victim. The judge, my
flanker and the victim all kept saying over and
over how great he was and what a great work
ethic he had. He’s the first dog on our team
to pass it on the first try. You should really be
proud of him. What a Dog!!!!
Chuck, Misha and Deochi
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See Deo in action:
Lina (Tanglewood Lina Down Under
TDI/CD) is from my Encore/Gullliver litter.
She is now a proud TDI/CD dog!   
Pictured at right at "work" at Brenner
Children's Hospital Child
Oncology/Hematology unit.
Our Eva is such a natural at the nursing
home. She is incredibly gentle, and just
beckons the patients to pet her, brightening
their day and hers too
We are on cloud nine...I thought Jesse
might get a moderate rating. But  we got
100% -- the highest rating we could get! I
guess the timing was good and our girl will
be two next weekend. Jessie has been in
every obedience class since I started w/
CDTC 2 years ago. God has truly blessed
us and will bless others through this.
Margie Crable and Jesse
The work of a therapy dog is one of love and devotion. Read this article about
Riley, a
Ch Bond and Ch Krumpet pup. Riley has been specially trained to be
a life companion for a young man named Israel, who has cerebral palsy and
seizures...(click the link below)
Caleb's Kids Article - Israel and Riley
Assistant Director of the West
Tennessee Therapy Dogs, Jo Anne
Fusco, was recently honored with the
John C New Service Award. Click on
photo to view video of Joanne, Boss (a
Tanglewood boy), and Keys, as they
bring comfort and cheer to those
receiving cancer treatment.
Award winners . . .
Training for excellence . . .
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